NERV Protocol
Cosmic Beings
Collection of 2022 NFT
In the beginning of crypto, there was mainly darkness. Years of building and scaling the blockchain so it could support the millions of people required for mass adoption have led to the point where we are now — worldwide mania about blockchain and crypto.
So how did we get here? This story begins back in 2017, with the birth of Cryptopunks, the first mainstream success of blockchain, through NFTs and the ERC-721 standard...
We are inspiration from Top NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Cryptopunks and how they have changed crypto landscape for good, its a tribute to them.
We are also inspired by the designs of cosmos ecosystem and creativeminds.
Each unique art piece represent a void in Crypto verse that have been filled by one of the NFT collection weather it be BAYC or other admirable collection.
This project was also an inspiration for the ERC-721 standard, becoming a framework on the blockchain for the birth and continual growth of non-fungible tokens. Years later, as NFTs captured the attention of everyone from world-famous celebrities to the titans of the traditional art world, like Sotheby’s, Cryptopunks led this mass global craze for NFTs. As of writing, the lowest price available to pick up a punk of your own is around 103.7 ETH ($362,390 USD), and rare punks are selling for upwards of $10,000,000.
The goal for this NFT drop is not only to pay homage to the visual essence of its predecessor, but to exhibit how we can shed some of the limitations (high gas fees, more damage to the environment, lower flexibility) of Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens.
So just as Cryptopunks started the NFT revolution, we believe that CosmicBeings will be the best case study for Nerv capabilities. We’re excited to deploy additional advanced features for NFTs. Stay tuned!
How To Acquire:
  • This most of (95 %) NFT collection will be distributed to initial $NRV holders (Snapshot will be taken), some will be sold in an auction at the market place at a price of 10 ATOM, and some will be held by treasury.
  • Some will be airdropped to the active Nerv community members. More details will be provided in a later stage!
  • Multiple snapshots will be taken on random dates between listing day and 7 days after listing.
  • IDO participants will have very higher weightage and probability to receive one.
  • To prevent so-called “gaming of the system”, the minimum amount of NRV to become eligible for the drop will be disclosed after the snapshots have been performed.
  • A maximum of 1 NFT can be acquired per user, all attempts to acquire more than 1 NFT will be dealt with accordingly, and will result in exclusion of the drop.
  • Additionally, some will be allocated for giveaways and marketing. These cosmic beings will be primarily used to target our partner’s audience (non-cryptocurrency oriented).
  • The profit and royalties (5%) will also be used for the development and burn of $NRV token.
Their will be many Real life use case of these NFTs, for starters holding wallet will be exempted from any gas fee for certain number of transactions in a day.
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