NERV Protocol
Steps to Claim Airdrop
Guide To claim $NRV Airdrop on Desktop/Laptop and Phantom Extension is Preferred
Process to claim tokens:
Keep around 1$ worth of solana in your wallet, without it nothing will work
  1. 2.
    To Check If you are eligible, connect the wallet that you have filled in gleam form.
3. After connecting your phantom wallet click "Check Claim"
4. If eligible you will be redirected to the website.
5. Select Solana Mainnet-Beta on top right, and connect the wallet for final verification.
6. Press "Claim Now" and sign the transaction, and approve,
Note:- if your transaction fail or says unable to sign Please refresh page with Ctrl+Shift+R/Cmd+Shift+R [Windows/Mac] this will clear cache and press "claim now" and approve the transaction
If you are taking too long while signing the transaction your transaction might fail, dont take too long to sign
7. You will be able to see $NRV in your phantom wallet now,
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