NERV Protocol

Lil Mer P2E Game

Introducing Lil Mer: The first ever Play to Earn Game on Nerv Protocol.
This game is being developed by the game division of SOG Ltd. Company has earlier experience in developing Retro games.
New developers need to look for an example of how code is working, how the economy is maintained, for this we have a whitelabel game which would help new developers with its code, so that they can onboard easily. This game will try to give you a nostalgic feeling while playing.
Game Play:
The Main Character (AQUA) of Game will be a Mermaid like in good old Disney Movies but will be able to do quests and chores, and fight in water 'WEX' dinosaurs which have been sleeping under water after being banished by the gods of the sea. Objective of Aqua will be to save his fellow seahorse's (SEHI) life and help his family.
SEHI's Family is one one of oldest creatures, like WEX but they helped gods in banishment of WEX and they possess a CHINGO wand which is lethal to WEX, for more you need to play the game, if SEHI is one of GOD or not, or he have a twin brother or not.
WEX The Ultimate:
There is a reason WEX was Vanished and was left to sleep, he is too powerful and can have lots of clones or can shape shift, he can bribe merchants cause food shortages take down the whole economic system. He has different forms and can be very powerful when fed enough GREEN diamonds, and become WEX the ultimate. Players can also choose to be WEX as he is an OVERPOWERED character.
She have skills like shapeshifting and store lots of food in case she don't see a merchant for long time in her quest, she have trident which she stole from his father, chain of fire and invisibility cloak, She will also able to attain CHINGO with the help of SEHI.
SEHI The Blaster:
He is a small guy, living under the shadows of his father, Never Realizing his potential or what his family was. But with the help of AQUA he came to know what he can do and can turn into a BIG Blaster, by consuming sun crystals and doing lots of OP Things.
Tokenomics (LIM):
Lil Mer will have different tokens but will be airdropped in 1:1 Ratio to all NRV holders at game launch.
Token Burn:
Token will be deflationary as all mermaids and other sea creatures will need food and that food will be bought using a LIM token. There would be taxes when a merchant sells food and other fees paid. Taxes will be burned and the rest will go to the Nerv treasury, which will use it to maintain its validators and other stakers.
There won't be any fee on chain in playing the game, because of NERV Protocol, Players can borrow NFT Creatures to play, Either AQUA or WEX orSEHI or Even Merchant.
NFT Collection:
There will be a NFT collection of the main character CUTE AQUA. Community Members holding this nft will be :-
1. Able to gain early access to NERV Marketplace.
2. Free airdrop of 1 Percent of tokens supply of LIM tokens.
3. Whitelisted for all the Private sales NERV Protocol (Which will be cheaper than Public Sales).
4. Whitelisted for WEX NFT drop.
5. Whitelisted For SEHI NFT drop.
CUTE AQUA NFT, will also be given to top Members who have helped the community to grow like Referring to Friends and posting on other social platforms, or even moderating TG groups by helping and answering people.
This is a sneak peak of what Ecosystem will Turn into, Stay Tuned for more info.