NERV Protocol
Market Place
As an exchange platform, Nerv provides all the features need to create a marketplace for the assets created and stored on the platform. Users can list their assets, and trade them, this marketplace will be a source of revenue for Nerv protocol. Visit the MarketPlace Section To Know More about it.
Lil Mer Game
For creating games and experiences, new developers need to look for an example of how code is working, how the economy is maintained, for this we will have a whitelabel game which would help new developers with their code, so that they can onboard easily.

Detached Accounts

Detached Accounts are unique addresses that can be created and operated on the chain with no association of private key. It's address can be used in any transaction and if that transaction is also signed by a wallet that is allowed to use that account and can be esaily configured with various permissions and roles like owners can set operators, admins and admins can set operators. After owener someone as operator they can sign a transaction using that authority.


Formulating allows existing tokens to be modified, or new tokens to be created using a Recipe which is a signed message that is generated completely off-chain. Anyone who has a copy of the recipe will be able to execute it on Nerv. The system is useful for gamifying collectables with minimal effort. Redemption of multiple β€œcommon” tokens for a rare token is easy to achieve and may allow for some simple game mechanics.
A recipe may require ownership of certain tokens (for example, a hammer and an anvil), and it can be coded to perform a number of actions: minting, burning, melting or transferring.
The recipe creator may limit the number of times a recipe can be used, or even blacklist a recipe ID directly.
Lil Wallet
Unlike any heavy extension or an app this wallet will be secured in a browser wallet which can be used while initiating a transactions.
Main aim of this wallet is to facilitate the comfortability and simplicity of using WEB 3 like we are using WEB 2. Users won't be needing to install any wallet app or extension, they will have this wallet invoked when needed for creating an account, or when users see a "sign in with nerv" logo on game or market place.

Transaction Fee Subsidizer

Cosmos supports zero fee transactions out of the box, only if the validator is allowing for zero fee transactions. The transaction may include a payer signature, which allows the other person to sign a financial obligation prior to the broadcast.
This is of great benefit to companies and creators who want to finance the operating costs of their users.

Casket (Gas Tanks)

Caskets are special detached accounts that are used purely for transaction fees. Developers can choose to subsidize costs for their customers by depositing NRV tokens to a casket they control. NRV tokens deposited to a casket cannot be withdrawn. A casket will whitelist specific tokens, tags, transaction types or users that are permitted to use it.
The casket ID may be specified in any transaction. The chosen casket will cover transaction costs if its requirements are met. Any remaining costs will be paid by the Fee Payer.
A casket can be configured with owners, admins and operators who may tap into it for transaction fees.
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