NERV Protocol
How can a Chain be Gasless
Without going into much details, let me tell you that gasless doesn't mean no gas fees is being charged in the transaction and hence no revenue, infact it means that revenue can be generated from other places, you can find how the revenue model might look in the FEE Section. We get this question a lot, "how can you be gas less, ETH take lots gas all other chains too how would you survive"
Actually we are not a fully Gasless chain, we use gas for some transactions like minting or some asset purchase or some nft buy sales, or any in game item sale.
Imagine you have to pay a fee for every interaction that's essential to a system example in case of YouTube , things like subscribing to a channel, liking, disliking any post, editing your old post, won't this make your experience bad ?
We don't charge gas for small things where user experience will suffer example liking a post, or increasing the heart meter of a game character.
Our main aim is to give users the same experience that users get in traditional games or platforms but in a decentralized way.
Game developers will be there to subsidize gas fee for their users and will be responsible for any rate limiting on their side, and we also have plans to let gas for users go to negative to certain extent, while playing games or changing character, game experience should not suffer just because it's a chain game.
This gas will be debited by chain when the user is out of game, and the limit will be decided by the game creator. and the way it will works is for example you have created a wallet where you have to pay fee for transaction as usual which will fee will be very very less, but as you make transactions you have spend some gas on chain for that transaction and you will have some assets on chain like some NFT and in game items, by evaluating this we will give some prescribed limit on how much gas can be debited from your account can go and you can go a long time without needing to spend gas on transaction.
When you are near its gas limit there will be warnings and you will be able to pay Nerv in time. A Question arises what if a person just takes away all his assets in the warning stage without paying gas, that will be very unlikely as gas debt rises lock on his assets will rise and those assets will be worth more then his gas debt.
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