NERV Protocol
TestNet Incentive Program
Way to get whitelisted in upcoming private sales and Airdrop
We are glad to announce, that we have completed the phase 1 of our Gasless blockchain, in which Nerv Asset transfer will be enabled. For this process we have our in house, web based Lil wallet, which will be used for transaction between accounts.
We have used a detached account "0x902227F6160D67C8021EA13767af0eA56232E98F" which is used to subsidize all the gas fees on the chain in all transactions. These Detached accounts will usually be created by Developers of game or application, and will be the best way for new users to get on board for game as users don't have to bear the gas cost.
These gas costs will be the cost of business for game or app developers to acquire new users, and for Nerv holders these gas will be partially burned causing deflationary pressure in tokenomics.
Members who Qualify for this programme by testing and completing tasks:
  1. 1.
    Random Initial members will be able to participate in the upcoming Private sale.
  2. 2.
    Members can Claim Free airdrop as mentioned in gleam form, Who are most active in the community and have informed other communities about our project.
Steps to qualify Follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Go to Lil Wallet​
2. Create a new wallet
3. You will see 0 $NRV in you wallet, its time to fund your wallet, Go to Deposit to get your address.
4. Copy your address and go to click start, pass CAPTCHA, and use "/drip your_address" to get airdrop of 1 $NRV, or ask someone in community to send using lil wallet.
5. Now you would have get this 1 $NRV in your wallet, idea is not to keep this 1 $NRV in your wallet and give someone either by reffering to some one in community or ask your friend to create an account and give him this 1 $NRV, he can use your given $NRV in place of telegram airdrop.
6. Your Task is supposed to be completed when you received 1 $NRV from somewhere [airdrop or community member] and pass 1 $NRV to some other community member, Its Not main net token, please dont hold testnet tokens.
7. You can see your transaction in transaction tab and also see subsidiser account on hovering on transaction.
8. Dont forget to add your Nerv address here in gleam form.
9. PS. our Market Place it's still in getting redesigned by our top developers.
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