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Quick Introduction

Small Non-Technical Talk
Welcome to Nerv Protocol,
Nerv is a NextGen protocol for trading NFTs. It gives customers immediate exchange affirmation, huge scalability, and no gas charges without compromising custody.
In Brief we are the first chain where users don't have to think about the GAS Fees. Welcome to our new gas less chain, fine tuned for NFTs and Games. Now users don't have to pay Gas Fees on everything, instead of this it will be funded by Game Developers who will create a casket to subsidize users, this Protocol will also receive a small portion of fee while trading assets.
As Pedro Armelin (UX Designer) said, "Mass adoption of blockchain technology is largely dependent on UX".
An average Internet user would not have any of the following:
  • Knowledge of cryptography or blockchain
  • Crypto exchange trading experience or even an account
  • Understanding of Gas Fees
For many gamers owning NFTs, doesn't mean anything more than just seeing an image associated with that NFT in the “My Account” section of the WEB page or in the Gaming Application and being able to use it in the game or transfer it to another user.
A DMV officer would not need to know anything more than the identity of a person who owns a vehicle with a certain VIN number (represented by an NFT). Any more details will be perceived as extraneous and obstructing the smooth user flow. This obstruction in the UX presents a large adoption problem and is being tackled by blockchain software engineers in different ways.
Ethereum Gas is the “Biggest Blocker for people starting to use dApps”, says Carsten Munk in his Medium article “Is frictionless Ethereum (and dApps) usage possible”. Every person needs to have a minimum of Ethereum to pay for gas in their wallet before they were to initiate any transaction.
One way to tackle this problem is by subsidizing the gas cost when the user address is known. Another solution is to use Gas relay for contract calls, as described in article EIP-1077, that requires the user to sign a message as a proof of intention to execute the current transaction. Either solution can be implemented and requires additional infrastructure to be deployed on top of the Ethereum network.


We are assuming that unless WEB-3 doesn't work the way it's intended to, like WEB-2 is currently working in the eyes of the user, this Wide scale adoption is not possible. But It's our job to make WEB-3 easy enough for users so that they can't differentiate between decentralized web and centralized web.
We need to blur the lines between the two, until WEB 3 is the New Norm.
This main hindrance currently in path of WEB-3 are:
  1. 1.
    Learning Curves - Users have to learn lots of things like how to interact and install any decentralize wallet, how to fund, swap tokens, buy some gas, impermanent loss etc. If users want to play games in Metaverse, they should just concentrate on the game part, not learning voodoo magic or how block chain works. By the time, users come to learn these things, the users turn into a day trader rather than a gamer. We at Nerv are aiming to remove this initial friction for the user via lil wallet, in which user of any platform (Android, Windows, Macs, iPhones, iPads) can interact without downloading any clunky thing, all you have to do is login using nerv and we will guide him and take care of the rest.
  2. 2.
    Gas Fee - User on-boarding on a platform should be easy and user don't need to pay any fee just because user want to start playing a game, or buy some character just to play a game, we will be fixing that by getting gas subsidies from game developer who will lock some $NRV to a detached accounts just to pay gas fee for the user, and we call it a CASKET.
  3. 3.
    Developers - WEB-3 is new and people working on this new technology are less, so for new developers to onboard they need some example, a code-base they can learn from. That's why we are developing a white label game (lil Mer) which devs can see and implement in their own game mechanics as they see fit.
  4. 4.
    Speed - Apart from the above the main problem is that sometimes users have to wait hours before their transactions are confirmed which becomes a very frustrating experience which leads users to ultimately chooses a centralized counterpart. We counteract this issue via providing near real time confirmation of transactions ranging from 1 to 3 seconds so that the user has a seamless transaction experience.
Transaction fees on Nerv are designed to stay in the background, and allow users to experience their favourite collectables without worrying about how the network operates
Nerv will be providing infrastructure, and service to new startups, Games will be played to earn which will be based on Metaverse Economy.
We believe that the future is MultiChain and it would be great for startups developing on one chain to move assets on another chain. We will be providing support for those games who want to move to the other frontier. That's the reason we are building the Cosmos SDK which provides IBC out of the box.

Architecture at a Glance

We have put together useful links, How can a chain be gasless, Tokenomics that might help your inquisitiveness.
You can Catch us on Twitter, Medium, or Telegram.
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